FAQ (aka the section you check before emailing or calling us)

1) Is there a minimum for free delivery?

Yes. It's $100

But you also get reduced delivery fee when you reach $50 or $75. Check the Deliver Delivery charges and other details section.

2) How much is the delivery charge.

Below $50........................................$15 

Between $50.01 to $75......................$10 

Between $75.01 to $100....................$5  

above $100......................................Free

Those charges apply for Regular Delivery. Additional $5 for priority delivery.

3) What is Regular Delivery?

That means that it will very likely be sent out one working day after receiving your order from 6 pm to 10pm) if we have stock of all the items that you request. Regular delivery days are Wednesday through Sunday.

4) What if I want delivery in the morning?

We are sorry but we don't have morning deliveries. The best thing that we can offer is 2pm pick up from Wednesday to Sunday. Please note that this option is not automatic and needs confirmation from us via whatsapp.

5) It's 3pm and I want to pick up my order at 4pm from your location? Is that possible?

That's very unlikely but not impossible. To find out please try reaching us by whatsapp at 96529274. If we don't or can't reply, please assume the unlikely has turned into the impossible.

6)Why can't I just drop in and buy items from your shop? 

There are a few reasons, Here are the top 2:

Firstly, we are no longer a shop. The pick-up point is mainly a restaurant, and while we can prepare orders that are placed in advance, our restaurant guests have a priority in being tended to.

Secondly, although you might see that we have some products on display, they may be already spoken for by customers who place their orders online. 

7) I have a big party tomorrow/next week/next month and need some ingredients. Can you guarantee that the items will reach me in time?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is: we can't make promises other that we will try our best. We care deeply for our customers but there are many factors that can delay a delivery that we can't foresee, like sudden changes in weather (which can make local or international deliveries late), or quality or stock issues at origin (particularly with fresh vegetables) that we are aware only at the last minute.

So the best policy to hedge yourself against these potential risks are

a) early placement of orders and

b) prepare alternate menu plans from the beginning

8) I can't select Self-Collection and am still being charged for delivery.

Go to the Shipping Address section at checkout and select "Will pick up order at store location" from the drop-down menu. The delivery charges will be waived.

9) Approximately how many <poblanos/jalapeños/tomatillos/etc> come per pack? 

Poblanos: Roughly you can get between 2 to 5 chiles per 500g bag or between 5 to 9 per kg.

Tomatillos: Anywhere between 10 to 20 pieces per 500g, depending on the size.

Jalapeños: 2 or 3 per 200g, if they're large; 4 or 5, if they are small 

Please bear in mind that these are not manufactured, standarized items so size varies greatly from batch to batch. So sometimes you get more or less pieces per the same weight.